Landing Page, SEA and Explanatory Film for bekaPROCURE.

beka GmbH in Cologne is a multifunctional service provider for a wide variety of industries throughout Germany. Its portfolio consists of E-procurement solutions and consulting services on the topic of purchasing, an industry network for transport enterprises, numerous vocational training offers as well as an extensive publishing program. In line with its slogan, beka supports its customers in making the best use of their potential – drawing on experience, know-how and spirit of innovation.

The bekaPROCURE department and their product of the same name was and is especially featured in the company’s communication. bekaPROCURE is a multichannel procurement platform that supports operative purchasing processes within companies. Users can access all products and service providers relevant to their individual situation on bekaPROCUREs configurable online tool and place orders. The consequence: transparent processes, comprehensive cost planning and budget control, lightening the bureaucratic weight of operational activities in purchasing departments everywhere.

We gave the bekaPROCURE brand a makeover and modified its general appearance, creating a landing page, an explanatory film and an infographic for the bekaPROCURE business unit, highlighting the advantages of the online tool in a captivating way. In addition, we conceptualized and directed a Google Ad campaign, continuously adjusting it over the course of several months, thus generating a lot of traffic on our client’s landing page.

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Exemplary Google ads (SEA campaign).

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To advertise bekaPROCURE we created a landing page (, which didactically explains the advantages of our client's product briefly and conclusively.

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The entertaining explanatory film uses motion design, bringing hand-drawn illustrations to life.

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The creation of the graphic explaining bekaPROCURE’s procurement process was preceded by a customer workshop. This was the most effective method of getting to the heart of the complex processes at hand, paving the way to a comprehensive explanation that is also easy to understand.

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