Core Messages and LinkedIn Strategy for Jenoptik Light & Safety

Jenoptik Light & Safety, a division oft he globally operating technology group Jenoptik AG, provides leading solutions for road safety and public security all over the globe. Its customers include local and central government, police and enforcement agencies, as well as public and private organizations in over 80 countries.

In 2019 Jenoptik rebranded, changing its corporate design and communication strategy. In early 2020 Jenoptik Light & Safety asked us to develop five claims for its four fields of business Traffic Law Enforcement, Road User Charging, Civil Security and Safety & Environmental Protection.

„Make life safer and brighter. With Jenoptik Light & Safety“ is now the divisions overall claim. All other slogans reflect this frame of hope and positive messaging.

In a second step, we conducted a thorough data-driven digital market analysis. We vetted all of our clients own digital communication channels from website through Instagram – and did the same for all relevant competitors and media outlets in the industry. We derived best practices in Content Marketing and Business-to-Government Marketing and found principles that should shape Light & Safety’s future messaging mix on LinkedIn. The analysis included an evaluation of our clients current LinkedIn followers and profile visitors, data which contributed in the creation of personas.

We embarked a total of two workshops with our client. During these two strategic sessions we developed and defined structures, goals and key performance indicators for the Light & Safety Division and its four fields of business. The strategic frame also included the definition of an overarching tonality and a visual language for Light & Safety’s LinkedIn channel. The design contributed to the conception of central messages, core topics, rough drafts of content pieces and a master reporting. We finished the visual and structural creation of the content pieces – static and video – and a corresponding hashtag catalogue based on these conversations. To contribute to higher engagement among the employees, we created a LinkedIn guideline for internal use.

But that was just a beginning and not the end: since then, we launched and steered awareness campaigns on LinkedIn tailored to specific sales regions, flanked them with SEO measures and we developed new assets for LinkedIn, e. g. image videos.

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Strategic Workshop with our client.

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LinkedIn marketing for Jenoptik Light & Safety: content pieces, image films, ad campaigns etc.

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Image video used on LinkedIn