Sales-inducing Website for FUKA.

For decades, FUKA GmbH has been a reliable partner and supplier for the global elevator and conveyor technology industry. Their product portfolio includes traction sheaves and rope sheaves, various brake systems for retrofitting and modernization of existing systems as well as additional components and modules. In cooperation with its global customer base, the mid-sized company constantly develops and optimizes elevator solutions particularly for the modernization and retrofitting of already installed elevators. We designed and implemented a brand new website for Fuka. Its screen design was based on a new corporate design, which we developed simultaneously.

The implementation of the traction sheave catalog posed a particular challenge. Through it, customers can order traction sheaves and traction sheave rings in almost any dimension and for almost any manufacturer. In its previous version, this tool only allowed static filtering, partially only through flash-based forms. We implemented a dynamic and fully HTML-based website feature including optimized filter functions, which is also responsive (optimized for smartphones). Hundreds of traction sheave data sets had to be updated and integrated and – in part – created anew. Everything was implemented in two languages: German and English.

Last but not least, we advise and support our customer’s online marketing projects. For Fuka we developed a communication strategy for two B2B platforms, LinkedIn and XING. We then optimized their existing profiles on these platforms, continuously advising on and developing content for them– always in line with news items published on their website.

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The company’s optimized XING account.

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FUKA GmbH’s new website ( Not just visually captivating, but above all a masterpiece of genuinely sophisticated technology.

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Desktop and mobile version depictions of the traction sheave catalogue. It enables elevator fitters all over the world to immediately select and order (and/or inquire about) the correct spare part required for their purposes.

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The company’s optimized LinkedIn account

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