Your Stylistically Confident B2B Agency for Modern Corporate Design in Cologne.

All style-forming elements of any visual appearance – such as signs, shapes, colours, fonts, but also the visual language – have specific characteristics. They grace all media – from business cards to neon signs on facades – and should thus warrant consistency. A company’s corporate house colours are of particular emotional importance. In addition to one or a maximum of two primary colours, your colour scale can be enhanced by other tones, allowing the colour coding of specific subjects, for example different business fields or product areas.

With our expertise we develop distinctive corporate designs that embody your brand’s soul and touch the recipient’s heart – along a journey that is structured and transparent for you, too.

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How Do You Express Your Corporate Identity?

A trademark is the most succinct visual recognition feature a business can have. Logos, wordmarks and figurative marks are central and concise key symbols that identify a company or brand. Your logo or your wordmark/figurative mark are crucial to your company’s recognition value.

  • Letterheads, advertisements, brochures and press releases: a logo is all over a company’s cohesive face and shown to the world outside. All the more important that the company’s identification with it be 100% correct.
  • A company’s business card or letterhead is often the first thing the public sees of them. But business and sales equipment are about much more, such as the creation and reliable production of short letters, forms, greeting cards, envelopes, presentation folders and PowerPoint master slides.
  • Once CD development is completed, all elements are documented in a CD manual with details of dimensions, colour values, materials and production techniques. Even if classic CD manuals redacted as PDF documents are still in wide use, digital brand portals – online guidelines are the next big thing, usually in the form of a staff-maintained website based on an individual content management system.
  • Names, claims and slogans shape the communication between a brand and its customers. They position content and the way brands communicate. It’s an extraordinary challenge to convey a brand's world strategically and creatively in a short, concise statement. Because of the extreme reduction to just one word (the name) and a few words (claim and slogan), being overly precise is immensely important.