Your Experienced B2B Agency for a Variety of Film Productions.

As a full-service agency for B2B marketing, we offer you the entire spectrum of film production: from recording real video footage (also with drones) to so-called motion design or even films with both styles – very charming and increasingly popular.

Thanks to modern high-performance camera technology and sound equipment and the combination of a variety of styles, we can produce attractive films at a comparatively low price. Whether it’s a film featuring actors made from flesh and bone in real locations or an animated spot – we’re happy to be your partner for professional film productions.

How Can a Film Help Your Business?

Go ahead, try describing your company in five sentences. An image film goes beyond that; it communicates images, emotions, your company’s spirit and music. It presents your company in a way that just a few words could never express. We create inspiring films that make companies even more successful.

  • With the help of motion design, we create 2D and 3D animations and even bring classic illustrations to life. Audiovisual content is easily comprehensible and opens a variety of possibilities to address viewers emotionally. Both aspects are a huge advantage of this format, rendering a useful symbiosis of informative content and entertainment.
  • Well-produced product films appeal to all of the viewers’ senses, trigger emotions and remain in the minds of your target audience long-term. Show your product in action and demonstrate all of its practical benefits. Videos with a positive environment and favorable images deliver a quick overview of your product, can be distributed efficiently through online and offline channels and boost sales.
  • Emotion-laden documentations of events and appearances at trade fairs are great instruments to extend the effect of the occasion beyond just that one day. Complemented by enthusiastic customer statements, you’ll have a very positive result at your disposal which you can place on your website, your social media channels or make use of in your sales department.