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When used correctly, PR can support your other marketing activities by increasing your credibility. As public relations experts, we steer modern communication by developing topics relevant to journalists and placing them in the media. It’s all about good storytelling. Your target audience will only listen to a great story when it’s told in an exciting way. We can guide you from initial PR consulting through writing and placing press releases or develop PR strategies and competently and sustainably implement all measures, too, if you wish.

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Want to Implement PR Measures and Require Advice or Support from Experts?

Ad copies must sell, SEO texts should have a positive influence on organic search engine ranking, a press release must maintain neutrality and offer the reader added value, most importantly news value. In order to meet the broadest possible scope of interest among its readers, a press release should contain a lot of interesting and up-to-date information. We know how to play the game and draft press articles with high publication relevance.

  • We compile a press distribution list of high quality, tailored to your needs, industry and, if required, region. This is the best way to reach expert groups comprehensively and to contact all trade press and journalists specialized on your topic who you expect to report on your product and your company’s business environment.
  • We maintain contacts with journalists, as much it is possible within this wide line of work. We either call or meet them at regular intervals. This makes particular sense if there’s a reasonable number of journalists specialized on your field and if exclusive stories are important to you.
  • We monitor the media so that you can instantly trace when and where your press release was published. A monthly press clipping provides information, enabling an evaluation of your PR measures success: What was done? With whom did you communicate? Who reported what, when and where? We redact this information for you transparently, comprehensibly and comparably.