Creative Concepts – The Foundation of Your Brand Communication.

It is important to develop a well-founded concept before talking about specific solutions, creations, measures, and channels. We develop comprehensive targeted strategies for communicative positioning, long-term competitive advantages and effective ways to activate your target audience. We can help you regardless of whether you’re seeking brand development or brand sharpening, an idea for an umbrella brand, sales activation, employer branding or the generation of leads. Our analyses and trend research help collect relevant information about you, your products, your services and your industry. We evaluate your current strategy and previous course of action and discuss them in an open and honest exchange. Your brand is a valuable asset, and when working with us, you place part of it in our hands. This requires trust, the only solid basis for successful cooperation.

Once we have enough information, we start developing all those things that can really make a difference: perhaps a new or modernized corporate identity, new USPs, distinct customer loyalty programs or KPI-driven marketing strategies.

Defining SMART Communication Goals

The initial concept stage aligns your goals with your brand and budget and ultimately results in the recommendation of reasonable measures with appropriate creative content. The goals are therefore specific (S – specific), measurable (M – measurable), achievable (A – achievable), realistic (R – realistic) and time-related (T – time-related). Count on us as your flexible, dependable and pragmatic partner at eye level throughout the entire process!

Brand Management

Proper brand management is elementary for a successful entrepreneurship. All of the points of contact with the brand must be uniformly controlled and designed before a clear picture of your brand can emerge in your customer's mind.

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Only a clean analysis of the as-is state allows the development of strategies that lead to the to-be state as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our research results show your position within the market, your potential and new opportunities.

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Marketing Strategies

Smart marketing generates interest and is convincing, because it includes added value. Two fundamental questions: What are the expectations of your target audience and how can your company meet their needs?

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Expert knowledge from real life: our consultants and experts will help to change your perspective, steer you in the right direction or even take you somewhere else entirely to make your projects even more successful.

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Case Study Akzo Nobel Deco GmbH

Herbol – One of Europe’s Leading Brands for Professional Painters. Established 1874.

Herbol, a pan-European colour brand for professional painters, has been in business for 175 years. As their leading communication agency, alle freiheit developed a new corporate design for Herbol in 2019 which conveys the brand’s new self-perception and was implemented on all brand communication.

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Case Study Aspecta B.V.

Aspecta – Global Brand Strategy Made in Cologne.

We design all print media, sales documents, product dispensers and trade fair appearances, but also oversee parts of the digital communication channels for ASPECTA B.V., a globally operating manufacturer of design flooring for the commercial contract sector (hotels, gastronomy, etc.).

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ARDEX and the next generation of service tools.

We created a 360 degree communication campaign for all touchpoints for the new ARDEX Next Level Tools range: excellent conditions for their online and offline market launch.

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