Your B2B Agency for Meticulous Market Analyses.

A marketing concept tailored precisely to the needs your target audience is the first step towards increased sales. If your marketing campaign is to be a sweeping success, you should invest time and money in a thorough assessment of the market: markets and competitors need to be probed, the needs and wishes of your target audience identified, trends and opportunities understood and the strength of your image should be evaluated, too. An effective analysis is an important foundation for success and ultimately helps you make the most of your marketing resources. Use our market analyses to find, adjust or strengthen your position within the market and to make effective use of potentials and opportunities.

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What Will We Research?

Our systematic competitive analysis ensures higher transparency and shows both the strengths and weaknesses of your current and potential competitors. A benchmark reveals your future potential and, if applicable, potential threats. Our investigation’s goal is to identify development opportunities and to set new commercial impulses that outline your growth.

Our target group analysis gives insight into your target audience and creates a deeper understanding of them and their needs. The analysis helps identify trends and changes in a timely manner, based on specific, tangible and – above all – detailed data and allows you to respond. It is thus wise to rerun analyses at regular intervals. The needs and factors that influence a buying decision today will not necessarily lead to a purchase tomorrow.

If you want a useful image analysis of your brand and/or your business, examining your competitive environment is important. A comparison between you and your competitors identifies your position in the market and reveals your strengths and weaknesses:

  • What rational and emotional associations do customers have with your brand?
  • How would you describe your brand’s core?
  • How does your brand set itself apart from other players in the market?

Our Brand Strategy service starts with an image analysis that determines your brand’s/the company’s existing image – rendering a basis for all future strategic (marketing) decisions.

We observe markets with very alert eyes and open ears, discover trends and thus competitive advantages for our customers. We focus on the development of social values, goals, and needs. We observe changes in international markets, risks and conflicts, keep an eye on consumer behavior and demand as well as on technological developments and innovations.