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No matter if you’re a marketer in a start-up, a medium-sized company or an international corporation: a strong marketing strategy is the foundation of every successful, competitive company. It defines the necessary action framework toward your marketing goals. Your marketing strategy must be in line with your company’s and/or your brand’s values and set itself apart from your competitors. A marketing strategy should thus always be an all-encompassing game plan to attract customers and underline your company’s or brand’s advantages and key distinguishing factors.

At alle freiheit we combine solid professional knowledge and long-standing practical expertise. In order to meet your needs and fulfill your expectations, we rely on profound know-how, learnings and experiences.

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What Characterizes a Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy is a long-term effort. It is rooted at your company’s potential performance and its competitive conditions and is specified in action plans (marketing plans). In collaboration with you, we draft realistic marketing goals and, if desired, targets for your company.

During an initial SWOT analysis of your past advertising activities, your market, your competitors and your company’s current status quo, we’ll gain important insights and be able to determine a suitable action framework and corresponding marketing instruments.

Picking the appropriate marketing channels is an important part of a pointed marketing strategy. Apt marketing channels can be traditional dialogue marketing or a combination of offline and online marketing projects, an entirely digital strategy or restricting oneself to activities on social media only. In this context in-depth consultation and cooperation with you are crucial. Our great advantage as a full-service agency is certainly our ability to create all content for all advertising channels in-house and that you, as a result, obtain all services, perfectly in tune with each other, from one single source.

Once your marketing strategy runs on all chosen channels, it must be permanently monitored:

  • Which methods have proven to be particularly profitable?
  • Which measures in particular have helped your business thrive?
  • Where did we not reach the expected results?
  • During the implementation of objectives, were you able to recognise any weaknesses and if so, at what stage?
  • Did you exceed your budget?

Only steady control and fine-tuning of your marketing strategy enables consistent and qualitative growth. This includes a detailed evaluation and re-orientation of respective tools.