E-mail marketing agency for professional newsletters

E-mail newsletters can turn interested people into customers. Thus, exciting and value-added information about your company, worthwhile promotions and other measures can generate leads. Almost every company has something to tell and can inspire its target group with interesting information in a newsletter. To make that happen, you need an appealing design, compelling copy and more. As an experienced e-mail marketing agency, we are happy to help you design effective newsletters and track their success.

Newsletter benefits: Why e-mail marketing?

Let's be honest: What's so great about newsletter marketing anyway? Can't you put the information you put in a newsletter on a blog or on your own company website? You can. The difference: With a newsletter you address your prospects directly. Important news is served to them on a silver platter, so to speak. And e-mail marketing has many other benefits:

  • Retains existing customers
  • Brings traffic to your website and social channels
  • Providing interested target groups with news and generating leads
  • Dialogue possibility
  • Good, data protection compliant tracking options
  • Focuses on the topics you want to emphasize


And why shoult you choose our e-mail marketing agency?

  • Consideration of data protection in address management and dispatch
  • Specialization in B2B newsletter marketing
  • Continuous success monitoring and customized optimization
  • Full service package for your mailings – from design to dispatch
  • Target group specific addressing
  • Close coordination with you

E-mail marketing agency for B2B companies – our newsletter marketing services

As a professional e-mail marketing agency specializing in the B2B sector, we offer you a full service package for your newsletter. From design and copywriting to mailing and tracking, we support you in everything that belongs to a successful newsletter. Whether you already have a newsletter that you'd like us to optimize, or you'd like us to help you develop a brand new newsletter, we're here to help.

Newsletter design: Mailings with your look & feel

Your corporate colors, your design guidelines, your imagery – all of this should be reflected in your newsletter so that readers feel picked up right away.

Newsletter in your company's own design

There are a lot of things to consider designing a newsletter. After all, the newsletter layout should not just look pretty in the end, it should correspond to your CD or your CI. In addition, the newsletter structure must be clear and allow quick orientation. We are happy to support you in this. For example with the development of an individual HTML template.

Copywriting for e-mail newsletters: We find the right words

In the best case, a newsletter summarizes news briefly and succinctly and refers to an external page, for example your website, for further information. This also means that important information must be brought to the point. And it must appeal to the readers, it must be written in a varied and target group specific way.

Developing a range of topics for your newsletter

Many companies are unsure if they really have enough topics for a newsletter. We offer you the development of an annual plan in which we define your range of topics. Of course, we also take into account the interests of your target group. Is it an internal newsletter for employees or one that addresses potential customers? Whatever it is, we will strike the right note – from the subject line to the text. Of course, we will follow your wording.

Development of content formats

A good newsletter also lives from its thematic diversity. The introduction arouses interest and invites to read on. After that, anything can follow:

  • Product presentations
  • Testimonials
  • Event announcements
  • Introduction of new and farewell to (soon) former employees
  • Newsletter competitions
  • Anecdotes
  • Announcements of professional articles, interviews etc. and links to the website or social media channels
  • And much more

You see: There are almost no limits to the potential range of topics. Our advertising agency will be happy to support you by developing 6 to 8 individual content formats.

E-mail marketing agency with newsletter strategy and concept

No successful newsletter without a well-thought-out strategy with clearly defined goals and the associated steps. Benchmarks, which we discuss with you before developing the newsletter, help with this.

Newsletter Goals: Vision, mission and steps to success

What do you want to achieve with your newsletter? How many leads do you want to generate? Should your digital mailings only serve branding purposes or do you also want to increase your sales? What is your vision, your mission and how can we achieve your goals? What KPIs and benchmarks can we use to monitor the achievement of the goals? We talk about all this and much more before we do e-mail marketing for you. After all, we don't know which path is best to take until we know the goal. We then use our joint findings to develop mailing times, the funnel structure and the appropriate content strategy.

Automation in e-mail marketing

It can be so simple – even in e-mail marketing. Because based on a well-thought-out strategy, automation processes help to target interested parties and turn them into customers.

From automation processes to the sales e-mail funnel

Automation in e-mail marketing makes it possible to cluster target groups and address them with individual newsletters – all automatically. To do this, certain behavior patterns of the target group are observed to respond to them precisely. When subscribing to the newsletter, interested parties can also be given the option of selecting specific topics. This makes it possible, for example, to send out interest-based newsletter sections that provide readers with precisely the information they want. Automation also includes the automatic dispatch of coupons, for example after a new newsletter subscription. The goal is to convert newsletter subscribers into inbound sales in the sense of a sales e-mail funnel.

Mailings after shopping cart abandonment

According to a study by the Baymard Institute, the average shopping cart abandonment rate is 69.57 percent. That sounds annoying at first. But it is also an opportunity: Customers who have already deposited products in the shopping cart have already expressed interest in your offer – and can still be recaptured. Mailings after a shopping cart abandonment, that use good arguments to encourage customers to buy, are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Individual and artificial shortage in e-mailings

"The offer is only valid today", "Only three pieces available" or "Limited quantity" – we all know such shortages. They increase the attractiveness of products and services and are a real selling point. In e-mail marketing, we offer you the possibility of individual artificial shortages. These can be, for example, countdowns that end at different times for each subscriber depending on when they open a link.

Technical support from your newsletter agency

Your newsletter is designed, written and sent – and now? Of course you want to know if the newsletter has been read. We will tell you.

Tracking under consideration of the data protection

We evaluate the performance of your newsletter for you and track what click rates it has, how many leads it has generated and how many have opened it. In doing so, we undertake a performance measurement based on previously defined benchmarks and always act in compliance with data protection (DSGVO).

Integration of forms, follow-up pages and co.

Depending on your target, we integrate suitable opt-in forms on your website and, in addition to the technology, also take care of all necessary interaction pages, such as confirmation pages. We are happy to form the technical interface between e-mail marketing and landing page for you. In this way, we ensure an excellent customer journey.

We will also be happy to set up your e-mail marketing tool for you.

Workshop with professional e-mail marketing agency

You don't have to leave your newsletter marketing (completely) out of your hands. We would be happy to support you in the context of a workshop.

Newsletter workshop

In an individual workshop for your B2B company, we take you into the world of newsletter marketing – in a very practical way. We explain the different user interfaces and how to use them. In this way, you will learn about the possibilities offered by tools such as Mailchimp, KlickTipp, GetResponse, Sendinblue or CleverReach.

Use our e-mail marketing packages for convincing newsletters

Our prices are always based on your individual wishes and the respective requirements. That is why we have not listed them here. Just send us a non-binding inquiry and we'll advise you on everything you need to know – including the estimated costs.

01 Newsletter design

  • Development of HTML templates
  • Design according to CD/CI of your company

02 Themes and content

  • Development of a range of topics (annual plan)
  • Development of 6 to 8 content formats

03 Concept and strategy

  • Vision, mission and action goals

04 Automation in e-mail marketing

  • Automation processes (coupons, action-based newsletter routes etc.)
  • Individual and artificial shortage
  • Mailings after shopping cart abandonment
  • Sales e-mail funnel

05 Technical support

  • Data protection compliant tracking (DSGVO)
  • Integration of forms, follow-up pages etc.
  • Setup of your e-mail marketing tool

06 Newsletter workshop

  • Individual newsletter workshop

07 Full Service Package

  • The benefits of all modules combined
  • From newsletter design to workshops
  • At a discounted package price

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