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The web is immense and abundant. A high density of competitors is also gathered there, so especially medium-sized companies struggle to position themselves positively on the internet. Of course, they have a website with a newsroom, but the true art of digital PR consists of being represented on as many other sites as possible, for example online magazines, blogs or news portals.

In comparison to classic PR, which targets media intermediaries, journalists and editorial offices, digital PR also reaches the public. We know the rules of the game and write coherent press releases with high SEO relevance, publish them and analyse their effectiveness.

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What are the Most Important Fields of Activity for Digital PR?

Once again, ask yourself: What topics interest my target audience? What are their favourite platforms and in what context and at what time do they look for information? Only a thorough examination of these and other aspects lead to meaningful content worth spending one’s time with and sharing. As a full-service agency, we develop efficient digital PR strategies. Then, we write targeted articles and place them in all suitable media.

  • Use your newsroom to actively improve your search engine rankings – by writing and editing search engine optimized press releases. When correctly implemented, these texts can improve the visibility of your entire company website.
  • Refine your backlink profile by also publishing in places on the Internet that are part of your target audiences’ native environment. We create interesting content relevant for the broad public or a specific target group and which can thus be published by leading media, i.e. online magazines.
  • Be prepared to take action against false reports on the internet. With reputation management, negative voices have a more difficult time getting through. Timely countermeasures to a false review or misleading criticism can weaken the consequences or even have an enhancing effect on your company’s professional image.