Successful Data-driven Online Marketing.

Today we spend twice as much time online as we did ten years ago. More and more tasks can be completed online, the way we seek information and do shopping has changed fundamentally. Marketing has always been about reaching target audiences at the right time and in the right place. This hasn't changed, but now we have to meet them primarily where they spend lots of time: on the Internet.

Online Marketing offers immense advantages: we can collect data with an unprecedented level of detail. As opposed to traditional advertising, with online marketing we can determine exactly how many people saw our ad between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. today and what their subsequent steps were. We can acquire comprehensive information about users and their behavior – the perfect foundation for successful, data-driven online marketing strategies.

What is Online Marketing?

Online Marketing includes all analytical, strategic and conceptual measures. Based on an analysis of the as-is state, we develop a picture of the perfect to-be state and all the necessary strategies and tactics required to get there: the perfect marketing mix. We collect, structure and visualize all accessible data, determine target audiences and relevant touchpoints along the customer journey.

The instruments used to implement the online marketing measures we recommend, such as the creation of a website, are included in our Digital Communication Service Portfolio.

Social Media Marketing

Targets, target audiences, industries, resources and your budget determine where your social media marketing journey is headed. When it comes to selecting and maintaining relevant channels, we provide holistic services – both organically and with highly optimized advertisements.

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Content Development

Digital content, regardless of whether it’s placed on social networks, on your website or as a blog, should reach your target audience in its authentic digital environment. We develop native and successful content types based on defined goals.

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Improve your organic rankings and benefit from higher traffic on your website. We find existing problems, recommend solutions and support you in implementing them.

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Quickly generate attention in search results. We create targeted and efficient ad campaigns that go beyond just a vague presence within the search results.

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Case Study Kartoffel Marketing GmbH

Digital Marketing Campaign for the German Potato (Die Kartoffel).

The Potato Marketing Association (Kartoffel Marketing GmbH) dedicates its efforts to strengthening the potato’s image as a domestic, versatile and safe food. Our digital marketing mix targets young adults under 30 and young families and consists of a blog, social media channels and influencer marketing.

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Case Study RAL

Communication on LinkedIn for RAL Gütezeichen (RAL Quality Marks)

We created and implemented a communication consultation and strategy for RAL Gütezeichen (RAL Quality Marks) on LinkedIn

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Case Study Jenoptik

Core Messages and LinkedIn Strategy for Jenoptik Light & Safety.

Jenoptik’s Light & Safety division provides leading solutions for road safety and public security all over the globe. We developed five claims for Light & Safety division plus an overarching tonality and a visual language. In addition, we started an advertising campaign on LinkedIn plus a SEA campaign on Google.

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