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You want to improve your website visibility on Google, so your products and services can be found more easily on the Internet? You have already taken first steps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but you are uncertain, whether you have taken all relevant aspects into account? Or you would need a second opinion to already existing SEO techniques? Our SEO check-up detects possible serious SEO mistakes or unused potential, which could improve your website traffic and visibility on Google! As a result you will receive detailed step-by-step guidance you can follow.

What is a SEO check-up?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes various techniques that can all contribute to improve your website ranking if implemented properly. Similar to a car security check we put your website up on a lift to inspect it in total from below. Consequently, we screen the structural, contentual and technical aspects of your website in detail. Since Google is constantly adapting to user behaviour and, as a consequence, changing its algorithm, which is crucial for ranking search results, you shouldn’t miss out on any innovations. Perfect pre-conditions for a SEO check-up that is!

Ultimately, we will sum up all learnings and insights gained by the SEO check-up in a detailed written report for you. Aiming to increase website traffic and visibility on Google, the report will include a measure catalogue perfectly meeting your needs. In that catalogue we recommend certain activities you could implement to improve your website ranking.

After completing the analysis we will be happy to answer all open questions in a personal discussion. If you don’t need to implement all activities at once, we will develop a priority list based on potential quick-wins with you. Plus, we will be happy to support you in implementing these techniques for your website.

Why customers have us do a SEO check-up for them

  • It is the first time they deal with the subject of Search Engine Optimization and they are uncertain how to correctly assess the current state of their website.
  • Competitors gain better positions within the organic search results and our customers want to take action for improvement of their own website ranking.
  • Previous SEO activities were not successful and they don’t know why.
  • They require a second, independent opinion on their current website performance and their current service contractor.
  • They want to hear the sound of their website’s heartbeat to prioritize future activities.

Six essential steps of the SEO check-up

SEO consists of a variety of disciplines including – in simplified terms – six areas.

On-site basics

We screen your company website with the focus on the essentials:

Display in the search results
According to the motto “there is no second chance for a first impression” we evaluate the display of your website in the search results. That also includes that we take a closer look on your headlines (title tags) and teaser texts (meta description).

Images on your website
Images are of great benefit for your website if used correctly. We examine your images’ resolutions, formats and loading times.

Website structure and navigation
A clean website structure is important not only for Google but for website visitors also. We will point to the areas on your website where a clean-up would be needed. In addition, we will highlight yet unused potential to improve your website ranking by structural adjustments.

Technical on-page analysis

We will consider the technical requirements of a website for you and observe, how your website performs with regard to the following issues:

Privacy and security are not only crucial to the website visitor. Google approves of careful handling of personal data, too.

Optimization for terminal devices
Ever since the introduction of a separate mobile index by Google a website should always make a good impression on smartphones and tablets, too.

Website accessibility
How well can the Googlebot recognize and categorize your website content? This does not only apply to the content visible for website visitors. Well-structured data supports the Googlebot to correctly categorize all content components of your website.

Contentual on-page analysis

All content is not created equal! There are significant differences in quality. We survey your existing content in terms of:

Text structure
The more distinct particular content components are, the better. Do you incorporate subheadings for example?

To comply with keyword density and WDF*IDF at all costs is outdated. We will review your content with regard to search intent and take into consideration, whether all sub-themes are covered.

Content editing
No one likes to read massive text blocks. We will survey the existing content with regard to its graphic display. Good results can be achieved by incorporating images, videos, info charts or simply a lighter composition.

User satisfaction

Google does care a great deal for user satisfaction nowadays. That means, the simple fact that a user visits your website is not enough to improve your website visibility in the search results.

Lead and conversion analysis
Whether for the subscription to your newsletter or for the purchase of your products, we check the usability of your website and give recommendations on how to turn casual visitors to your website into paying costumers.

Performance analysis

Time is money! This is why a website should best meet the needs of its visitors:

Loading times / user signals
Nothing is more frustrating than a website that needs an eternity to load and, moreover, shows the relevant content not until the end. We look into the time killers and the user behaviour with regard to bounce rate and short clicks, and suggest improvements.

Final discussion

We want you to get the most out of your SEO check-up! That’s why our check-up includes a final personal discussion to answer open questions. In case you cannot implement all activities from the measure catalogue, we are happy to discuss further collaboration.

Sounds good? Get your website onto the fast lane and do not postpone your SEO check-up any further! Make the first step towards a better performance, more visitors and further measurable, real results for your website. Outrun your competitors at last and let them be the lower ranks on Google and co.! Get in touch to arrange a non-binding initial consultation or order your SEO check-up today!

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