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A content strategy creates directives for the professional and structured handling of digital content. This basically includes any content available on the Internet, such as website texts and images, social media posts, blog posts, infographics, quizzes, surveys, studies, white papers, guides, ebooks, etc. Every piece of content must match your goals and target audiences. Therefore, it is important to draw on your general marketing strategy during the development of targeted content strategies.

Good content not only positions you as an expert in a specialized field, but also improves your brand’s image and credibility and makes you more attractive as an employer. Our content marketing strategies ensure you extract the most out of your potential, achieve maximum reach, create purposeful branding effects and promote profitable customer interactions.

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Good Content Must be Planned, Developed and Structured.

Key question: Which of your goals are secondary? Do you want to increase traffic or improve the ranking of your company website on Google? Do you want to position yourself as an expert? Or increase your sales? Are you tackling the challenging issue of employer branding?

  • Once goals and target audiences (based on your marketing strategy) have been determined, you can develop an agenda and create an editorial plan. Your agenda (or topic list) initially stands at a higher strategic level. On one hand, it is based on the concerns and needs of your target audience, but of course also includes the unique selling points and core expert areas of your company, your product or your service. An agile editorial plan results from these considerations and in the end determines the content type for each channel (blog post, video, etc.).
  • Empowered through digital transformation, customers inform themselves on a subject whenever they want to, not when we think it’s time. It is thus more important than ever to address customers regularly with relevant content based on their intentions. It is also beneficial to continuously create new and never before seen appealing touchpoints for them. Given customers don’t usually make purchase decisions spontaneously; their attention must be drawn to your product or service often before they execute the desired action (conversion).

Take advantage of all the benefits of a full-service agency! We can develop a solid content strategy and create and implement all types of content – copy, images, graphics, videos, etc. Find out more in our Digital Communication // Content Creation Portfolio.