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We offer comprehensive and professional search engine optimization (SEO) geared at reaching high visibility on Google and other search engines for you. SEO improves your website’s organic (unpaid) ranking in the desktop and mobile indexes with the intention of generating more traffic for you. Before we can tell you exactly what to do, we analyse the technology behind your website and the content on it. Based on the analysis of the as-is situation, we can derive a set of very specific SEO measures.

From our first meeting with you to the analysis of your SEO measures’ first results, we will guide you by drawing on our solid, longstanding SEO knowledge and our vast experience in the field. Together, we will develop appropriate KPIs and a promising and transparent SEO strategy, which we will implement professionally and which will have a lasting effect.

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Professional On-Page and Off-Page Optimization.

On-page optimization refers to the disciplines within SEO designed to improve the technical, content-related and structural aspects of your website. In order to sustainably increase the visibility of search results long-term, enhancing technology in the backend of your website, its content and its structure leads to more usability (user-friendliness) and simultaneously to a better ranking. We conduct an on-page check questioning the as-is state of your website and create a structured action plan. Of course, we will also happily support you in implementing the items on your SEO checklist:

  • The technical on-page optimization, to put it bluntly, declutters the backstage area of your website. We check its "indexability" first: are there technical hurdles or errors that impede indexing by search engines or even make it impossible (crawlability)? The loading speed (e.g., the images used and their data volume) and the technical structure of your website are relevant factors to consider. In addition, we take a look at the server configurations and its availability.
  • On-page SEO addresses all website areas that are mostly also visible for visitors. With the help of defined search intentions and keyword-based audit questions we determine how the website performs and reveal possibly unused potential (low hanging fruits). We analyze visitor behavior (entrances and exits), locate duplicate content and evaluate content overall according to user relevance. We are happy to revise your website’s existing content for you or to create any content planned with our “SEO glasses” on right from the start.
  • Structural on-page optimization improves the information stock in the backstage area of your site, for example the URL structure and HTML or metadata. Among others, we examine the menu structure, URL length, click depth, meta descriptions, ALT attributes and internal links. These elements help search engines understand your content even better, leading to a better classification within the search results.

Off-page optimization, on the other hand, focuses on a websites’ reputation, something which cannot be achieved by the website itself, but by meaningful backlinks and social signals, meaning referrals from other websites, blogs and on social networks. However, the highest potential for a better ranking comes from link building with high-quality recommendations from other websites and the associated link popularity.

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