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Evaluate, then analyze, then optimize: Social media marketing works if your social network channel is managed with a clever strategy in mind and only when content relevant to your target audiences reaches them at the right time. Before developing a social media strategy for you, we first require information on several basic parameters. What are your goals? Who is part of your target audience in the B2B area? What is your target audience’s native digital environment? Do you want to market a product or a service?

Our social media marketing services help you to build a loyal community that consists of customers, interested parties and employees. By increasing the reach of your brand and promoting interaction with it on social media, we ultimately also strengthen your sales.

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Do We Have to be Active On All Social Networks?

No! It’s decisive to determine the channels out of which you expect the most use and the best results. Our social media strategies always consider the available resources – especially those within your company – as well as your goals, intentions and, of course, your budget before defining relevant channels.

  • The definition of objectives is the first important parameter to consider. We will happily develop so-called SMART targets together with you: specific (S – specific), measurable (M – measurable), achievable (A – achievable), realistic (R – realistic) and time-related (T – time-related). This way, main goals or sub goals can be determined and measured using KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). This allows an evaluation of the success of a strategy.
  • Your goals generally reveal information about your target audience(s), how and where they can be reached, thus leading to information about them, such as which user group(s) in social networks they belong to. This is not only about sex or gender or them being in their mid-20s or late 40s, but also about understanding the needs of your target audience.
  • The relevance of individual social media platforms can be assessed only at this stage. Based on the respective platforms we narrow down suitable content types (text, image, video, simple or complex messages) and advertising possibilities. In addition, we recommend a publishing schedule based on your resources and budget (e.g., several times a day, weekly or even less frequently). Each individual social media channel has specific characteristics, their own communication dynamics and different reach within target audiences. All of these factors must be considered before selecting one or more channels that make sense for you and your business.

The Advantages of Online Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising.

The beauty of online marketing: We can permanently evaluate, measure and adjust. Our reports are based on the objectives defined and center around your KPIs. This way, the development of likes, loves, retweets, shares, comments, clicks, mentions, video views, etc. can be compared transparently and adjusted immediately if and when necessary. This immense flexibility and tight-knitted control over channels and content reduces the so-called scattergun approach to an absolute minimum.

Particularly within our performance marketing services, we keep a very close tab on these key figures in order to control and quickly adapt those highly effective ads to any changes. Tracking renders the possibilities of retargeting, revealing previously unknown requirement groups and the opportunity of addressing them directly. The entirely data-driven optimization of ads renders completely new possibilities to increase traffic, leads, conversions and sales.

LinkedIn is considered as the hero in b2b social media marketing.
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