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We’re alle freiheit – Cologne-based Advertising and Digital Marketing Agency.

alle freiheit was founded in 2004 and currently employs almost 20 communication specialists of various disciplines permanently. Classic or digital communication: we are masters in all aspects of a modern 360 degree marketing mix. Every day we develop unconventional, intelligent and eye-catching communication concepts in the B2B segment on solid strategic foundations. Our team turns its passion into award-winning advertising – for clients such as the Federal Centre for Health Education (Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung, BZgA) and global players like Akzo Nobel, Avery Dennison and TÜV Rheinland. Values such as reliability, punctuality and quality are fundamentally important to us. Our customers don’t just appreciate our creativity, but also that they can rely on us unconditionally.

We’re Truly Creative.

A catchy creative idea is certainly not everything, but we are nonetheless known and acclaimed for our creativity. Our clients often say “Take all the freedom you need!” and thus we’ve managed to regularly win creative prizes, such as the coveted Red Dot Award for Communication Design. In addition to being truly creative, we are also well-versed in our respective fields, including the digital realm. Our clients often face a great challenge: selecting the right channels for their business and placing media on them adequately. Our concepts create added value. We only make use of communication disciplines and media that actually makes sense for our client, in order to transport their content efficiently and effectively.

Working at Eye Level with our Customers.

It is immensely important to us to work at eye level not only within our team (read: flat hierarchies), but also with our customers. Good communication does not develop as a consequence of a briefing overloaded with phrases and otherwise empty of meaning, but in a close exchange between a customer and their agency. We’ve found this to work surprisingly well and believe it’s what endows us with loyal and truly trusting business relationships. It probably also helps that we are pretty normal people without airs and graces. Anyone who has ever worked with us was really smitten with the results, but also with our authenticity and unpretentious good team spirit. We enjoy working at alle freiheit, a positive attitude that also sparks joy in our customers. We think it’s because we value something that is unfortunately all too often neglected elsewhere: fun at work and being extremely fair with one another. Get to know us, too.

Roy Sämerow

Managing Director

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Franziska Hildebrandt

Project & Account Manager

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Julia Krüger

Project Management Trainee

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Marion C. Schmidt

Senior Copywriter &
Senior Content Marketing Manager

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Annika Wakup

Senior Copywriter &
Senior Social Media Manager

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Gina Leffers


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Markus Wolfertz

Creative Director &
Social Media Manager

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Annika Glump

Senior Art Director

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Vanessa Körner

Art Director

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Anne Hellenbrand

Junior Art Director

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Frank Ohliger

Art Director &
3D Visualizer

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Matthias Heimbach

Senior Art Director Film & Photographer

Peyman Javanbakhsh

Senior Digital Marketer & Digital Art Director

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Felix Modrow

Web Developer &

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Alex Dreger

Art Director Trainee

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Heike Wehling


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Feelgood Manager

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